Super Glitter Crystal AB Non Hot Fix


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Stone Size Size in mm Facets Packing Details
ss2 1.2-1.3mm 8 1440pcs(10gross)/Bag
ss3 1.3-1.5mm 8 1440pcs(10gross)/Bag
ss4 1.5-1.7mm 8 1440pcs(10gross)/Bag
ss5 1.7-1.9mm 8 1440pcs(10gross)/Bag
ss6 1.9-2.1mm 8 1440pcs(10gross)/Bag
ss8 2.3-2.5mm 8 1440pcs(10gross)/Bag
ss10 2.7-2.9mm 10 1440pcs(10gross)/Bag
ss12 3.0-3.2mm 10 1440pcs(10gross)/Bag
ss16 3.8-4.0mm 12 1440pcs(10gross)/Bag
ss20 4.8-5.0mm 14 1440pcs(10gross)/Bag
ss30 6.3-6.5mm 16 288pcs(2gross)/Bag
ss34 7.0-7.2mm 18 288pcs(2gross)/Bag
ss40 8.35-8.65mm 20 144pcs(1gross)/Bag
ss50 9.9-10.1mm   144pcs(1gross)/Bag










Weight 0.010 kg
Dimensions 1 × 1 × 1 cm

Crystal AB, Crystal Clear, Gold AB, Gold Clear, Clear AB, Glue AB, Glue Clear, Clear Clear, Pink AB, Pink Clear


ss2 1440pcs, ss3 1440pcs, ss4 1440pcs, ss5 1440pcs, ss6 1440pcs, ss8 1440pcs, ss10 1440pcs, ss12 1440pcs, ss16 1440pcs, ss20 1440pcs, ss30 288pcs, ss34 288pcs, ss40 144pcs, ss50 144pcs, mix ss3-ss30 1000pcs, mix ss3-ss30 1440pcs, mix ss3-ss10 1728pcs


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