Pore Concealer Primer Cream


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Apply the AirFit Pore Primer on and easily erase all and marks to perfection! This multi-purpose primer with a slight pink hue conceals your skin imperfections, creating a smooth,  skin texture. Just glide on your skin and see it work its magic to create the perfect finish for makeup application, delivering long-lasting, natural results that won”t clog pores or suffocate your skin at all!

1.PORE-MINIMIZING – Effectively covers and reduces the appearance of large pores, fine lines, and wrinkles for smoother skin.
2.SKIN LIGHTENING – Corrects dull skin tone, red marks, skin blemishes, and imperfections, and improves skin texture for younger-looking skin.
3.OIL CONTROL – Improves your oily appearance and covers & prevents excess sebum for long-lasting makeup for hours and to prevent unnecessary meltdowns.
4.MOISTURIZING – Its deep-penetrating lightweight texture hydrates and nourishes the skin to prevent skin drying.
5.100% NATURAL – Made from all-natural ingredients and extracts which makes it perfect for any skin type as it will not cause irritation at all.

Revolutionize your skincare routine now! Get your own Flawless AirFit Pore Primer – your real-life selfie filter! Ain”t no other primer with smoother moves like this!



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