7pcs/set Foundation Sponge Set


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2*water-drop shape(42*53mm)
1*double-cut shape(40*55mm)
2*one-cut shape(40*66mm)
2*Mini water-drop shape(25*35mm)
Wet and dry, the volume becomes larger after soaking water, which can reduce the situation of eating powder.
The imported sponge has obvious pores on the surface, which can make your makeup more docile. 
The material is soft, elastic, close to the skin, and very comfortable to use.
No bad smells, very soft, Suitable for all people, and all skin types.
Each bottle of sponge has multiple shapes and cut surfaces that can adapt to different parts of your face, helping you to create perfect makeup.
The transparent bottle design prevents dust and makes it easy for you to choose.
Dry: For powdered powder and loose powder. Highlights, shadows, etc; Wet: For foundation, BB, primer, air cushion, etc.
Package include:
7pcs sponges+Clear plastic jar
About Cleaning:
It is recommended to wash 2-3 times a week
Put the sponge eggs in a plastic bag and pour an appropriate amount of cleaning solution. After soaking for a few minutes, gently rub them (don’t pick them with your nails). After cleaning, put them on a beauty egg holder to dry to prevent mold.





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